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by Safe Havens International - Monday, 14 March 2016, 01:08 PM
Choose your organization name from the list below. Keep in mind that in some cases your organization might be your school, your district or a state or national organization.

When registering for a resource for a specific organization, you will be asked for an enrollment key. This key is typically provided by one of the following:

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Safe Havens International, Inc. is the world’s leading nonprofit campus safety organization. Safe Havens works with K-12 schools, institutions of higher learning and faith based organizations world wide. Safe Havens analysts have published more than two dozen books on campus safety and have worked in more than 20 countries. As a non profit center, we are focused on making children and youth safer rather than revenue generation. The Safe Havens team is comprised of international authorities and school safety, security and preparedness book authors who help schools raise test scores through application of proven safety concepts which focus on practical and tangible concepts tailored to fit local risks, realities and resources.